Kindergarten Teachers
Mr. Kohn
Ms. Wiedeman
Mrs. Picco
Mrs. Sanchez
 Mrs. Tsementzis

Optional Supply List
Glue Sticks
White glue bottle (8oz)
White Board - double sided/lined and plain/9"x12"
Dry erase markers and eraser (or old sock)
Watercolor paint set/paintbrush - 8 colors
8 count washable markers - classic colors
Blank paper (printer paper)
Zippered baggie with legos or play-dough 

While any brands will work, we recommend Crayola first.

TK Teacher

Ms. Wray

CLICK HERE for Ms. Wray's Class Supply List

MUST haves for for TK
A backpack - no mini, no wheels, normal sized labeled with their name.
A gallon size Ziploc baggie with a change of clothes to include: pants (or shorts), shirt, socks, underwear, and an extra mask.
Headphones - no earbuds please.
Small blanket for quiet time. This should be no bigger than a baby size blanket (36"x36")

REQUESTED items/Class Donations
Gallon Ziploc Baggies
Sandwich Ziploc Baggies
Expo Markers
Paper Towels
Clorox Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Playdoh 4 pack (any colors)
Crayola brand watercolor paints
Copy paper
Cardstock paper
Sand toys (used or new)